About the event

To be one of the women led organizations in Nepal that works to combat climate change and other environmental issues. We imagine women leadership in the frontline to solve environmental issues.

Why its important to join:

  • To develop a network of young female climate leaders, enhance knowledge and support each other to become local and global justice leaders.
  • To train young female potential leaders in different environmental action, research and project development
  • To implement environmental management , conservation related projects in communities of Nepal, in the process empower more local women in this process.
  • To develop Security and knowledge management system for climate leaders and for advocacy
  • To Engage and lead different environment campaigns such as No oil drilling movement in Nepal, Sustainable cities, mountain conservation Gender specific issues of climate change, and act against fossil fuel finance in Nepal.
  • To support the global climate movement, climate justice fight.
  • Organize and conduct different trainings, workshops, conferences on environment conservation and management, climate change and sustainable development.
  • Develop and work with different network for environment awareness, research and advocacy.
  • Organize and conduct learning programs for national and international organizations, individuals to highlight climate emergency and crisis and to spread knowledge.
  • To mainstream and work against gender discrimination, gender based problem due to climate change and environment degradation.

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