Sustainable Cities / Communities

We aim to create sustainable cities and communities through our projects, campaigns and other activities. Program will be focused on different aspects of development in the lens of environmental sustainability.

Climate change-adaptation -mitigation -energy

We aim to contribute to climate action by  creating young females and women working frontline to combat climate change. Our program focuses on adaptation, mitigation projects  and frontline climate action activities and projects. 

Gender and Environment

Through this program we aim to create understanding of the link between gender inequality , environmental degradation and taking actions. Actions to advance gender mainstreaming at policies , plans and programs, campaigns .

Sustainable Agriculture

We aim empower women groups, farmers through the knowledge of regenerative agriculture practices and promotions through trainings, campaigns and projects .

Mountain Conservation

We aim to address the issues of mountain communities, and biodiversity through conservation, campaigns, research and projects.

Environment, Development and Sustainability

We aim to create awareness among communities about the sustainable development practices through campaigns and projects

Women Empowerment /Skill based

We develop skills to womens and young females which helps them in green entrepreneurship or finding opportunities.