Our Initiatives

 Projects of Powershift Nepal-
Aims to fulfill the objectives of programs. 

I am powershifter 2014

It created transformational leadership in climate justice to 100 youths in Nepal, and indirectly warring thousands of youth and children's.

Rise for climate 2018

Project empowered 15 young females and carried out workshops in colleges and schools.

Fossil fuel financing 2019

Trained 15 young females and 5 males regarding fossil fuel financing.

Women in Environmental action

networking and Funds for women and young females leadership /research/course / starting soon

I am powershifter 2015

It empowered young females to take action in the field of climate change and cross cutting issues.

  • YOU.COM 2016-2018– youth and communities within the recycling of matters, EVS, European volunteer service of Erasmus Plus program. local partner : TUDE 

Urban Space project 2021

In partnership with MSF SARA, small earth Nepal, and other organisations working in government schools and women groups of urban space. ( ongoing )

Change workshop 2016-2017

Change workshop basically reached more than 30 school in kathmandu valley to aware children in climate action and other environmental issues. It empowered young females and women groups as well

ETI project - 2018: seven months training was given to 15 women of chaling Bhaktapur on  regenerative agriculture. partner : TUDE and Tulime 

Student for climate justice 2020-2021

Given climate justice course to 15 young females and reaching 5 schools for knowledge transferring. (ongoing )

Womennifesto (2021-2023)

Since the early 2000, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) has worked to build women’s capacity to increase women’s representation and transformative leadership in political and policy building processes. In 2018, based on the critical reflection of the state of women’s political participation and leadership, APWLD decided to adopt a new strategy called ‘Womanifesto’.  Womanifesto–women’s agenda for change–has long been used for by women’s movements to ensure elections are fought around policies demanding just, equitable and transformative changes that shift power relations and uphold women’s human rights. In APWLD, the Womanifesto is envisioned as a critical organising tool for women to influence the electoral process, hold elected leaders accountable to their promises in advancing women’s human rights, equality and Development Justice, and advance feminist participatory democracy.